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Fully regulated elderly care at home

Home care comes in a range of shapes and sizes. With many flexible options, you can choose the level of support you need for when you need it most.

Regular home visits, at set times of the day or night, are available if you need that support little and often. The visits can be from as little as half an hour each week and right through to several hours a day. Overnight support is available in the form of waking nights and sleeping nights too.

If you prefer ongoing support, then live-in care may be the best option. Your live-in carer will be there 24/7, living in a spare room in your house and offering assistance when it’s needed. He or she is likely to become a great companion or friend. Read more about what live in care covers here.

Home care is also available on a temporary basis. Called respite care, it can offer a much-needed rest for an existing caregiver. You can also arrange short-term support after an operation or accident, enabling you to return home and get back on your feet at your own pace.

Frequently asked questions

There are many different types of home care for the elderly that all focus on helping people who can no longer carry out all the normal activities of daily living by themselves. These include respite care, live-in care, nursing care and overnight care.

Elderly care, also referred to as senior care, is a specialised care service that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of senior citizens at various stages. Because of this, elderly care is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from assisted living and nursing care to home care and live-in care.

As the body ages, it becomes more vulnerable to medical conditions and it is more difficult to do things we once used to. Ageing cannot be prevented, but we can better manage health conditions for our loved ones. Common health concerns for the elderly include memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, amongst others.

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